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Apple Releases Three Video Tutorials On New HomePod

Apple’s HomePod was released to the Aussie market last Friday and if you’ve treated yourself to the $499 smart speaker and need some pointers, Apple has uploaded three quick support videos to make the most out of it.

The video above details how to use the touch controls, with one tap pausing/playing the music, double tap will go to the next song and triple tap with go back to the previous track.

HomePod voice controls are similar to Google’s and Amazon’s where you can ask to play songs, play a specific playlist or ask casually for a genre for example “play 90s hip-hop” or “play something chill”. Users are able to ask for the volume to be at a certain percentage or just say “make it louder” or “make it quieter”.

HomePod is controlled via the home app on an iOS system. Within the Home app you can control what content is played and which account music and podcasts play off. Users can reset the HomePod by removing it from the Home app.

It is available now at selected retailers, online and in-store at Apple.

Read more about the HomePod here.

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