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Biden Orders Probe Into Ransomware Attack

US President Joe Biden has directed intelligence agencies to investigate who was behind a sophisticated ransomware attack that hit hundreds of American businesses and led to suspicions of Russian gang involvement.

Security firm Huntress Labs said it believed the Russia-linked REvil ransomware gang was to blame for the latest ransomware outbreak.

Last month, the FBI blamed the same group for paralysing meat packer JBS.

Biden said the US will respond if they determine Russia is to blame.

The hackers struck on the weekend hijacking a widely used technology management software supplier called Kaseya.

They changed a Kaseya tool called VSA, used by companies that manage technology at smaller businesses.

The attackers then encrypted the files of those providers’ customers simultaneously.

Huntress said it was tracking eight managed service providers that had been used to infect some 200 clients.

Kaseya said it was investigating a potential attack on VSA, which is used by IT professionals to manage servers, desktops, network devices and printers.

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