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BenQ Still Hold Edge With Zowie eSports Monitor

Speaking to ChannelNews, BenQ managing director Martin Moelle confirmed that the company’s new Zowie XL2540 eSports monitor will remain the only gaming monitor capable of 240Hz on the market, at least for a little longer.

While he says that “some other brands have access to the panel now”, he’s quick to add that “I haven’t seen it in the channel yet.”

Produced by panel manufacturer AU Optronics, BenQ say the Zowie XL2540 is the only monitor capable of a native 240Hz refresh rate – meaning it offers a serious competitive edge for those looking to take their gaming to the next level.

Moelle says that “the top tier of gamers, in terms of their ability to play, is increasing exponentially” and, as a consequence of that trend, “their demands on hardware manufacturers like us is also increasing.”

He says BenQ, who recently acquired pro-gaming accessory brand Zowie, are keeping the focus on high-level products for high-level users.

“We’re categorising ourselves as eSports. Internally and externally we try not to refer to the word gaming at all,” he says.

Martin says that positioning the brand at that level allows them to specifically target “that top tier of gamers.”

According to him, “as [more] people understand more and more about what’s required to game at that level, they’ll warm to our product more and more because they want to have a competitive edge over everything else.”

“When you look at it, the way that people are not becoming addicted to gaming but getting more engrossed in it. They want to get to the next level. They want to unlock the new features. They want to be recognised in their game as being a serious player or at a higher level of player and they’re not going to achieve that by having a keyboard that’s flashing multicolours.”

“They’re going to achieve that by having hardware, no matter what it is, that’s going to let them get to the next level.”

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