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Netgear Offer Big Improvements With New Arlo Pro

Though its intuitive design and Apple-esque aesthetics won it some followers (and a SmartHouse Best of the Best award), Netgear’s Arlo security range did have come shortcomings when it came to battery life.

Good thing then, that battery life is the first thing that Netgear have looked to improve with the 2017 range.

Speaking to ChannelNews, Netgear’s Director of Product Management for Smart Home products Damir Skripic said that since the Arlo entered the Australian market two years ago they’ve had “tremendous success”.

He says that they hold the number one spot for market share in the Australian consumer security device market with 42%.

The new generation of Arlo features rechargeable batteries that can be swapped in and out.

“You snap it in and it’s good to go for six months,” says Skripic.

The only catch here is that the Arlo’s recharging unit will be sold separately for $119.

Those wanting to reduce hassle even further can also just plug the Arlo into a power-source via Micro-USB and leave it running as you would a wired security camera.

Old Arlo models can also be configured for use with the new base-station, giving existing owners an incentive to upgrade.

“It’s very flexible in how you want to use it”, he says.

Netgear are also fleshing out the Arlo range is a number of accessories, including the new Quad-Pod – which promises to make it easier to setup in unconventional environments – and patterned silicon skins which can help the Arlo blend into its surroundings.

Skripic adds that there will even be a solar panel accessory that’ll allow an outdoor Arlo to run more or less indefinitely.

While the standard Arlo still only offers 720p quality video but Netgear say that they’ve made improvements to the performance of the device’s imaging lens.

“You’re going to notice significant improvements in low-light conditions,” Skripic says.

He says they kept it 720p to ensure they could deliver better battery performance and a lower price-point.


Skripic says that the Arlo Pro comes with a number of anti-theft mechanisms, where Arlo units reported stolen can be remotely obsoleted, though not replaced by Netgear.

The Arlo Pro will arrive in JB Hi-Fi in April in a number of packages.

According to Netgear’s Managing Director ANZ Brad Little, the three camera kit has proved to be the most popular option.

Look for a review of the new Arlo Pro in the near future.

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