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Dell, Acer LED The Way In OZ PC Race

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This figure marks a jump of 18.4%, according to anlysts IDC’s PC Monitor tracker.

Dell led the way with 22%, followed by Acer with 16% share of the monitors pie and HP 14%. Others include Samsung 14% and LG 11%.

“The end of financial year push and key tenders, particularly in the HP monitors 14% marketshare; government and banking sectors, greatly contributed to the market growth,” says IDC¬† Market Analyst, Ivy Teoh.

“As the price gap between LED and Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) continues to narrow, we are increasingly becoming likely to purchase an LED backlight monitor when purchasing a PC.”

Major players are reducing their price points to address the weak consumer sentiment, the analyst also noted.

The standalone monitors remained the dominant segment in Q2, however, while the bundled monitor segment declining as end users move from desktops to notebooks.

The rising demand for “a dual-screen experience and the transition toward larger screens are also contributed to the almost doubling growth,” IDC said.

LED backlight monitors will continue to gain traction in here as prices go down and 2.6 million units are expected to be shipped in total by the end of the year.

In addition, larger screen sizes are starting to gain momentum, with players expanding their portfolio in this segment.