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New Android App & Expansion Into Asia For OZ Automation Group

New Android App & Expansion Into Asia For OZ Automation Group

Australian home automation Company Push Control is set to launch an brand new Android application that lets users see inside their house from a Smartphone or tablet if an alarm is activated.

The same app will also give users control of their lighting and entertainment systems while also being able to control energy use.

The Company who up until now has been developing their system to run on an iPhone and iPad believes that home automation running on an IP or Internet based system is now opening up new opportunities as consumers turn away from “expensive legacy systems”  said Push Control Managing Director, Mr. Ben Green.

He believes that as the cost of installing smart automation systems fall consumers are able to control more devices from a smartphone or tablet than ever before.

“Within seconds whether they are at home or away from their home consumers using an IP based system similar to what Push are developing have control of their home devices. They can see inside their home via web camera’s and home security systems if an alarm has gone off. They can program heating to come on at set times while also taking control of their power use via a tablet or smartphone” he said.

This week Push Control announced a major expansion of their Australian business into South East Asia, with the opening of a new Head Office facility in Singapore.

Green said that the expansion follows unprecedented demand for IP based control systems that is being driven by the global uptake of smart devices, and the success of Apple and Android based Tablets worldwide.

Despite facing competition from established brands such as  Control4 and Savant, the Melbourne based Company claims that it has managed to secure significant industry support by offering resources and development opportunities to manufacturers to provide seamless integration of devices through IP Control.

“As an Australian company, Push Controls was initially established to cater for local market demands, our inevitable expansion into global distribution has been accelerated by consumer interest in our system, which has allowed us to open the doors for new technologies in this region. The emerging markets in Energy Management and Assisted Care Living are being driven by IP Control solutions and the Push Control platform is enabling people from around the globe to access these technologies from devices they currently own.”, Green said.

The new Push Control Android app will be available shortly.