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Australians Demand Gigabit Internet Speeds

76% of Australians want internet speeds of 1Gbps or more and 85% believe these speeds should be available here, according to a Galaxy Research survey commissioned by MyRepublic.

Among the data released by MyRepublic was the finding that 59% of Australians are dissatisfied with their current home internet speeds, another 65% are worried about being left behind in the digital economy due to speed concerns.

Two thirds of those surveyed believe that gigabit internet speeds would have a positive effect on their work and leisure time, while only a third believe their existing home internet speeds could support a home-based business.

“The research findings support MyRepublic’s Gigatown and prove Australians hunger for reasonably priced access to higher speed, premium fibre products,” said MyRepublic Australia MD Nicholas Demos, referencing the ISP’s ‘Gigatown’ which brought gigabit internet speeds to Wollongong last month.

“When we asked Australia to tell us why their town should become the first Gigatown, the overwhelming theme was the need for affordable ultra-fast speeds of up to 1Gbps… We know that people don’t need 1Gbps all the time, but when someone wants to stream the latest 4K movie, someone wants to download the latest version of IOS for their mobile, someone else wants to download the latest game for their PlayStation, it all just works and that’s what Gig speeds provide.”

Demos welcomed NBN CEO Bill Morrow’s comments yesterday that a restructure of the pricing mechanism for NBN may be on the cards following consultation.

“There has been hot debate about wholesale AVC and CVC pricing and whilst we are encouraged by NBN’s reduction in CVC pricing, we agree with Mr Morrow and believe the whole model needs to be reviewed as it does not go far enough,” Demos said.

He also noted that MyRepublic was subsidising Gigatown with an investment of over half a million dollars.

“MyRepublic believes that the 1Gbps plan is a premium product and have positioned it at the $129.99 price point as we believe that is fair. However, based on the current regulated AVC and CVC wholesale pricing the product would realistically retail well over $200, and as our research showed, only one per cent of people are willing to pay this price.”

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