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Australia Turning Its Back On E-Cars, Hybrids: New Study

For a nation that once said to be “car-mad”, Australia appears at this stage to be largely missing out on the global swing to electric vehicles (EVs) or hybrids, according to a new study of the global market for these vehicles, conducted by LEK Consulting, Vision Mobility and CuriosityCX.

The study was conducted in Australia, France, Germany, Spain, the UK, the USA, Canada, China, and India. It found a growing interest in EVs in most of these countries – but not in Australia, which was well below the global average. In particular the study found that:

• Only 3% of Australians at this stage have adopted EVs or hybrids;

• Interest in either EVs or hybrids is low compared to the rest of the world – with only about 33% saying they are “interested” or “very interested” in EVs, compared with an average across surveyed countries of 48% for hybrids and 45% for EVs.

But perhaps the Aussies have a point. Said Mark Streeting, a partner at LEK Consulting: “Australia’s wide expanse makes it hard for drivers to contemplate being stuck without a place to charge. The distance between major cities adds anxiety about the capability of EVs to make it from A to B, despite an uptick in publicly-available infrastructure.

“However, the major impediment, according to this study, remains the cost, with the lowest-price EV on the market – the Hyundai Ioniq – coming in at around $45,000. And with no resale market yet established, internal combustion engines remain the go-to choice for new or used vehicle purchases.”

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