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Online Shopping Beckons Aussie Masses This Xmas

Online shopping is continuing to drive deeper into the consciousness of Australian citizens, a new survey suggests. The survey – by professional services outfit and trends tracker Accenture – found that just over one third of Australians, or 34%, plan to complete their Christmas shopping online.

And 66% admit researching Amazon before looking in stores or buying anywhere else.

The Accenture team is said to have surveyed 1,000 Australians and found that 29% say they expect fast – and free – delivery when shopping online. However as many as 61% agreed that they could be enticed to pick up their shopping, rather than have the goods delivered if the store rewarded them with bonus loyalty points, a discount voucher or a free gift.

The survey found that, on average, Aussies expect to spend $686 each on Christmas matters. A good half of that would be going on groceries, the majority admitted.

But rising prices are a worry, it seems. Only 23% of shoppers were optimistic about their financial situation over the Christmas season, with grocery costs (35%), disposable income (31%) and utility costs (25%) seen as the main worries.

And if you can’t decide what to give this year, no need to worry: the survey found that gift cards for stores or restaurants will be the present of choice for around half (56%) of shoppers this year, with clothing (48%) and toys (42%) the next most popular gifts. Nearly a quarter of respondents (20%) plan on spending more on “experiential gifts” such as cooking classes and concerts.

Separately, the Roy Morgan market analysis group has predicted that Australians will spend $52.7 billion in the Christmas retail season. It estimates a 3.7% increase in online shopping, this year making up $7.6 billion in consumer spending.

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