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Aussie Advertisers To Seek Compo In Wake Of Facebook Discrepancies

Australian advertisers on Facebook are looking for compensation following revelations late last week on discrepancies in the Internet giant’s video viewing figures.

This comes after the Wall Street Journal last week revealed the metric used for determining average time spent watching videos had been “artificially inflated” as the social network only counted views after three seconds had elapsed.

Sunita Gloster, CEO of the Australian Association of National Advertisers, told Australian IT that advertisers should be awarded compensation by Facebook as “the lack of transparency that plagues the ad industry has become an avoidable problem that must be addressed.

“If the value that has been claimed by Facebook hasn’t been delivered over the last two years then advertisers are entitled to compensation as they would be for any other media,” Gloster said.

Meanwhile Facebook’s A/NZ MD Stephen Scheeler has emailed a number of Australian advertising executives, suggesting to explain the discrepancies – meetings at which the compensation question is likely to come up..

“Transparency in measurement is core to the value Facebook … I want to be sure our doors remain open, and that the interests of advertisers are protected,” he said.

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