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Are Repairable Laptops The Next Big Eco-Tech Trend?

Lenovo is weighing its options with the futuristic-sounding Project Aurora.

According to Digital Trends, who got an inside scoop, Lenovo’s Aurora design capabilities feature the ability of the laptop to detach and come apart without even a screwdriver. 

After the successful release of Framework’s modular laptops, this is the latest innovation for a company moving full-speed ahead towards more sustainable notebook designs. 

Lenovo really has been prioritising eco-friendly tech over the last ten years, and the newest designs align with the company, which has prided itself on attempting to create the highest quality products with the least environmental impact.

Back in 2008, Lenovo announced its move to 100% recycled packaging and since then, has started to test the incorporation of sugarcane and bamboo-based materials.

For some of our more tech-savvy readers, this could be an interesting new laptop option, especially with new features like easy upgrades with an eco-tech twist.


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