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Apple To Launch MacBooks With Aussie Ink-Style Keyboards

Apple is set to toss out the traditional qwerty keyboard the same way it has disposed of the 3.5mm headphone jack and USB-A port, according to media reports.

Apple’s 2018 MacBooks will reportedly dump the standard keyboard in favour of a customisable E Ink alternative. Apple has joined forces with Foxconn-backed Australian start-up Sonder, which specialises in making such things, to work on a customisable keyboard that will reportedly enable the lettering on the keys to change, the Wall Street Journal reports.

“The new keyboards will be a standard feature on MacBook laptops, and will be able to display any alphabet, along with an unlimited number of special commands and emojis,” sources told the WSJ.

Meanwhile the company is expected to unveil new MacBooks with conventional keyboards at an event on October 27. Stars of the show look like being 13in and 15in MacBook Pro models, which will apparently ditch traditional USB, Thunderbolt 2 and Magsafe connectivity in favour of USB-C and Thunderbolt 3.

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