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Google Nest Hub To Get Google Fit and Fitbit Metrics

Establishing themselves further as a main player in the smart wearables and fitness technology market, Google have bolstered the functionality of their Google Nest by implementing the ability to view Google Fit and Fitbit metrics. This comes as the tech giant teases the release of the next Google Pixel Smartwatch and ups the health and fitness capabilities of their Fitbit devices with AFib detection.

The information comes as 9to5Google spotted a Google support page that explains how users can link their smartwatch fitness data to their Google Nest Hub via a step-by-step guide. Google introduced sleep tracking to the Nest Hub in 2021, with the new update building upon their focus on user health and wellbeing.

Credit: Yanko Design

A new Google Pixel Smartwatch has been teased and leaked over the last few weeks, with information hinting that it will have Fitbit integration of some sort. Google look to be focusing on interconnectivity and the establishment of their own exclusive tech ecosystem, not unlike Apple, with a fitness angle being their selling point.

Currently, there is no information whether all Google Nest Hub devices will be eligible, or if it will be exclusive to the second-gen model.


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