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Apple iMac Due For Supersized Makeover

“The iMac’s screen is really big, bigger than the biggest one.”

This was tweeted over the weekend by credible leaker @l0vetodream, as reported by MacRumors.

For any other product, this statement might not raise much excitement, but when it’s about Apple’s notoriously unrefreshed desktop computer, it’s big news.

Somewhat neglected in the design stakes, Apple’s iMac hasn’t been redesigned for almost a decade; its last revamp was back in 2012. Of course, components have been updated over the years, but compared to Apple’s other products, the iMac has been left for dust.

Back in January, Bloomberg reported that the new iMac all-in-one would likely take its design cues from Apple’s Pro Display XDR monitor. Size-wise, that could mean a 32-inch display. While the 27-inch display is considered the flagship of the product family, there’s also a smaller 21.5-inch version – but that too might receive a size increase.

It’s not just a case of larger screens though; the new iMacs are rumoured to have slimmer bezels and may even lose their silver strip across the bottom front, along with having their curved backs slimmed down to being perfectly flat.

According to Bloomberg, anonymous Apple sources say the iMac redesign will be “one of the biggest visual updates to any Apple product this year.” So then, the revamp goes beyond being a bigger, nearly bezel-free screen.

Renowned Apple leaker Jon Prosser hinted that the iMac would come in multiple colours: silver, space grey, green, sky blue and rose gold. That would count as a “big visual update,” and would be the most expansive array of colourways since the old-school iMac of the late ‘90s.

A hugely important change introduced by the new iMacs will be the Apple Silicon chip, marking the end of Intel chips in Apple iMacs. Apple began its shift from Intel-powered devices to its own ARM-based SoC in 2020, so the internal change corresponds nicely with the exterior makeover.

A “big visual update” would help consumers easily differentiate the forthcoming iMacs as part of the Apple Silicon-powered era. Moreover, Apple’s been tidying up its product line recently, discontinuing the iMac Pro, followed by two configurations of the 21.5-inch iMac.

It’s unknown exactly how long it’ll be until we get a legitimate look at the new iMacs but the leaks all point to a timely transformation, inside and out.

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