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‘Apple Glass’ Tipped To Debut Next Year

Apple’s hotly anticipated augmented reality smart spectacles are tipped to debut next year, according to renowned tech leaker Jon Prosser – starting from US$500.

The host of Front Page Tech, Prosser claims to have seen a video prototype of the ‘Apple Glass’ specs, which will likely not have an image-capturing camera for privacy concerns.

He claims Apple intended to reveal the specs as an additional unveiling at the end of this year’s iPhone 12 launch – pegged for September – however this has now been put on hold.

Commentators predict this may be due to the economic impact of coronavirus, coupled with potential supply chain and product development constraints affected by the global pandemic.

Watch the full video below:


The news comes as many tech companies also consider the prospect of delaying high-tech product launches slated for 2020, amid lower disposable income from budget-conscious buyers.

Each lens will reportedly feature a display screen and accompany a lidar sensor for depth perception.

The AR specs are said to not look too dissimilar from standard prescription glasses – distinctly contrasting the flopped Google Glass.

Apple is yet to officially announce the name of its forthcoming augmented reality glasses, however, rumours have mounted of its development in recent times – accelerated by its purchase of VR provider, Next VR.

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