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Apple Freezes Updates For Mobile Games On App Store

Facing mounting pressure to comply with Chinese regulations, Apple has temporarily frozen updates for thousands of mobile games on its App Store for China. Apple hosts approximately 60,000 games in the country that either cost money to buy or have in-app purchases.

Previously, Apple had allowed games made by developers in China to be downloaded from the App Store while game-makers waited for their official licence from local regulators.

In February, however, Apple announced a cut-off date, stating that developers would need to have a licence for their game by end June. On the 1st June the tech giant stated that developers would not be able to update their games on the App Store without a licence.

“No one is entirely clear how Apple managed to avoid enforcing the 2016 licensing rule for so long. But considering the US-China trade war began heating up earlier this year, the timing is suspicious, Todd Kuhns, Marketing Manager for AppinChina, told the Financial Times.

According to market research firm Sensor Tower, China is the App Store’s largest market, surpassing even the US. A large portion of revenues are made from gaming.

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