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Apple Close 30 More Stores, Shares Drop

Apple has revealed it will re-close an additional 30 stores around the United States, following a spike in coronavirus cases across the country – sending shares down on the announcement.

The news comes after it re-opened over 200 outlets across America earlier this year.

According to CNBC, the company has already re-closed 47 stores in recent weeks, bringing the total number of re-closures in the US to 77 as COVID19 spikes.

The iPhone manufacturer operates 271 stores around the United States.

An Apple spokesperson asserts the decision was taken with an “abundance of caution”, with the company closely monitoring the situation to bring customers and staff back as soon as possible.

The latest store closures include the last two remaining Apple stores in the state of Florida.

Apple Australia opened its stores in May, accompanied by stringent safety measures including temperature checks and mandatory customer limits.

The Cupertino giant is slated to unveiled its iPhone 12 series around September this year, however, recent reports suggest the release of the phones could be some months after.

Apple is expected to unveil four new iPhones this year, with the debut of its first 5G handsets.


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