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Apple Copying Amazon Selling TV Subscriptions In App

Apple is following the footsteps of competitor Amazon with plans to amalgamate all of its TV subscriptions into its Apple TV app.

Bloomberg reports, instead of asking users to subscribe to different TV platforms, Apple will be selling certain subscriptions inside its Apple TV app.

Amazon Prime allows its users to subscribe to other platforms like HBO and Showtime at a discounted price.

Apple TV app on iOS

This boosts the Apple TV app on various devices like iPads and iPhones, Bloomberg says this would also give the company another way for the tech giant to boost its service business.

Currently, Apple TV does have different streaming platforms like Netflix and SBS on demand however if users want to stream a show or subscribe to a platform they are taken out of the Apple TV app.

Apple has been struggling with sales of its 10th anniversary iPhone X with problems arising with its Face ID and sales dropping below expectations this means the company has to look at other facets for revenue like subscription services from iCloud and Apple Music.

According to Bloomberg, sales from services climbed 31 per cent in the Q1, at US$9.2 billion.

Apple has made no public comment on the news.

Reports say the new feature will begin next year.

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