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NBN Down For Three Days As Telstra & NBN Squabble

NBN customers on Sydney’s North Shore have gone three days without access to broadband or their phone services and it appears that Telstra did not advised the NBN of the problem due to an ongoing squabble between the two communication Companies.

The big broadband Company who spends millions onNBN  PR spin doctors appears to have problems dishing out any form of reasonable service or even identifying that there is a network problem without a call from the general public using their service.

Telstra listed a problem with the NBN service in Mosman on their outages page three days ago on the 6th of May.

At 6.00pm on the 8th of May NBN spin doctors told ChannelNews that they had only become aware of the problem at 4.00pm on the 8th of May.

“We heard about the problem from a customer” an NBN spokesperson said.

The local Telstra Shop claims that the NBN was told three days ago.

Business in the area are now having to clock up data costs using a mobile to get tethered access. Neither the NBN or Telstra have offered those affected any form of compensation.