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Apple AirPods Pro 2 Are On The Way

After word Apple are working on a hybrid iPad-MacBook with 20″ folding display, comes news their ANC AirPods Pro 2 should be arriving this year, with previous reports saying they went into production at the end of last year, so expect them to be announced at the Apple event this month, possibly next week. Still, they could also have been caught up in the supply chain shuffle, so other reports are now pegging them closer to the end of the year.

Either way, it’s been two years since the AirPods Pro arrived, so it’s high time for their sequel, and like all good sequels they look like combining the best bits of the original but tweaking the story to keep things interesting.

Speculated to cost the same as the current AirPods Pro – currently $329 at JB Hi-Fi – the new Pros will likely share a similar stem design, but with updated guts, though there is also talk Apple are looking at dropping the stem for a more rounded shape that fills the ear better, like Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Live.

There could also be an update to the charging case, with it set to be the supermodel of the sequel, coming across taller and thinner, though hopefully that doesn’t compromise battery life.

The case may also be empowered to make a sound so as to be easier to find when misplaced, integrated with the Find My app.

The current AirPods Pro beat out the originals with ANC and a transparency mode, along with spatial audio and auto switching, water resistance at IPX4 and support for Qi wireless charging, so expect all those to stick around, but expected is an improvement in battery life, noise cancellation and integration of ambient light sensors.

Expect, also, fitness tracking, as the light sensors could track heart rate, detect health conditions, track motion, etc, making them good for using while running.

It also looks like voice-activated transparency mode is on the cards, after a patent was spotted titled “Interrupt for Noise-Cancelling Audio Devices” that would allow for setting a keyword or the voice of a contact that could bypass ANC.

There’s also word they will add Apple Music lossless audio for higher fidelity, though Apple would need to have found a way to support this over Bluetooth.

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