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Apple Finally Adding 4K & HDR To iTunes

Apple may finally begin offering 4K movies with support for HDR through the iTunes Store.

Some customers have noticed movies like Passengers and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them are being listed as 4K and HDR in their purchase history instead of the typical 720p and 1080p resolutions available through iTunes.

A MacRumors report noted the movies aren’t yet actually available to view in 4K HDR, and instead display in their normal high definition resolutions.

The existing Apple TV released back in October 2015 is not able to play 4K or HDR content, but a report earlier in the year indicated Apple was working on a new version of the Apple TV that would be compatible with both.

4K and HDR movie listings could be an early indication of the impending launch of the new Apple TV, which could potentially be announced at the same time as the upcoming iPhone.

Google added 4K movies on the competing Google Play store late last year, and HDR support was also added earlier this month.


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