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Analysts Anticipate iPhone Delay

iPhone 8

The first official indication of a delay for the upcoming iPhone may come in Apple’s guidance in its financial results later this week.

Apple typically launches a new iPhone late in its fourth quarter ending in September, and any indication of a delay in its guidance for this period could prove “highly volatile” according to Goldman Sachs analysts.

Supply and production issues are the rumoured causes of the delay, with a major problem said to be the limited supply of OLED displays required for a new bezel-less iPhone will launch alongside models with more traditional upgrades.

“Well-known production issues with components” will see “limited availability and high supply constraints” of the next iPhone during Apple’s December quarter according to CFRA analyst Angelo Zino (via The Financial Times).

Previously, J.P. Morgan predicted the new iPhone would still launch in September but in significantly reduced quantities. It adjusted its sales forecasts from nine million units to around two million in September, and increased its sales predictions for the next financial year “to reflect time-shifted demand”.

Apple will release its third quarter results on Wednesday morning Australia time.

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