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New Google Android Capabilities Rolling Out

Google has announced a suite of new features for Android users, including the never-before-seen ability to schedule text messages.

The six new features – which are slated for release this March – are being touted by Google to make your Android phone “more secure and convenient”.

Among the new security features is Password Checkup, which lets users know if the login credentials used have been previously exposed and what to do about it.

“Now when you enter a password into an app on your phone using Autofill with Google, we’ll check those credentials against a list of known compromised passwords — that is, passwords that have potentially already been stolen and posted on the web,” Google wrote in a blogpost.

“If your credentials show up on one of these lists, we’ll alert you and guide you to check your password and change it.”

One of the more interesting features is the release of ‘schedule send’ for Messages, which will let Android users compose and schedule a message to be sent in the future.

Users just need to write the message then hold and press the send button to select a time and date for the delivery.

Google is also updating Android for users with low vision issues, with a new version of TalkBack – Android’s screen reader.

Of course, Google wouldn’t update Android without a fancy new makeover for Google Assistant.

Now, Android users can use Google Assistant to send a text, make calls, set timers or play music even when the phone is locked.

“Assistant now works better even when your phone is locked or across the room with new cards that can be read with just a glance. Just say “Hey Google, set an alarm” or “Hey Google, play pop music on Spotify”,” Google wrote.

“To get the most out of Assistant when your phone is locked, simply turn on Lock Screen Personal Results in Assistant setting and say “Hey Google ” to send text messages and make calls.”

Google is also rolling out Google Maps dark theme to all Android users globally and is updating its in-car system Android Auto with custom wallpapers and voice-activated games.

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