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Android’s Sound Notification Feature Knows When Your Baby Cries or Dog Barks

Android smartphones can now notify users when it detects certain noises, a feature which could help deaf and those hard of hearing identify different sounds.

The feature, which can be found in settings and is called Sound Notifications, will inform users of nearby noises with a push notification, a camera flash or a vibration.

According to Google, the feature will also work when the phone is not connected to Wifi or 45/5G.

Sound Notifications can detect up to 10 different sounds, including: Baby sounds, dog barking, sirens, fire and smoke alarms, doorbells, knocking, shouting, appliance beeping, water running, landline phone ringing.

When the feature is turned on, Google Assistant is not accessible.

Sound Notifications is already available on Pixel phones and “select Android phones.” ChannelNews notes the feature appears to not yet be available on the LG Velvet.

Google also added a similar experimental feature to the Pixel Buds in August. The Pixel Buds’ Attention Alerts automatically lowers the volume when it detects sounds of a baby crying, dog barking, or a risen.

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