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Ampol To Become Electricity Provider

Ampol has applied for licences to become an electricity and gas provider, in a clear acknowledgement that the days of being a petrol company are limited.

Ampol first flagged its ambitions in this space last May in its decarbonisation strategy, which outlined the company’s plans to diversify into biofuels, electricity, hydrogen, gas, and carbon reductions. Ampol also bid last year for Meridan Energy’s electricity retail business, which eventually sold to Shell.

“By becoming an energy retailer, Ampol will be able to bring new customer propositions to market off the back of its generation and mobility investments,” Ampol said in its electricity licence application.

“By launching Ampol Energy, Ampol will be able to partner with Australians to work towards a low carbon future.”

The company gave March 2022 as a provisional starting date, which shows it means business.


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