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Ambertech Gets Into Strumming The Strings, With New Musical Instrument Deal

ASX listed distributor Ambertech is getting into the musical instruments market.

The distributor of premium audio products Amber is set to range Breedlove Guitars an American acoustic instrument from a company based in Bend, Oregon.

According to Ambertech the Company is celebrating 30 years in 2021.

The Breedlove Guitars are built using sustainable sourcing, crafting guitars to targeted fundamental resonances.

Through Sound Optimization, Breedlove uses frequency and density analysis to mill and hand voice each tonewood top and back to ideal frequency pairings, enabling the musical character of various wood species to
achieve the ideal sound a player is looking for.

Stock of the new product is expected to arrive in Australia June or early July according to the Sydney based distributor.

According to Guitar industry executives Breedlove Guitars is a relative newcomer on the hallowed block of US acoustic guitar builders, but it has already built a formidable reputation for super-playable and eco-conscious builds.

It counts Jeff Bridges – the Dude himself – as its most high-profile endorsee.

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