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Amazon Looking To Move Into Water Hole Storage After Buying Gaming Company

Amazon could be in the market for water holes or a couple of ocean leases, after the big US online retailer and logistic Company lodged a series of patents for some seriously out their logistic concepts.

Apparently, the Company who are currently setting up in Australia have designed an underwater warehouse to store goods which are summoned to the surface by playing sounds.

They have also expanded further into the gaming market after they swooped on European gaming Company Game Sparks, who make

tools for video game developers.

It targets titles hosted in Amazon’s vast cloud computing data centres, providing the basic background software to get video games ­online and start making money.

Game Spark services are used by more than 10,000 developers, including Ubisoft, the French maker of the Assassin’s Creed series, and Square Enix, the Japanese company behind the Final Fantasy role-playing games.

The sale to Amazon, believed to be worth tens of millions of dollars, means a payday for GameSparks’ three founders, who previously worked together at Sky.

They are Griffin Parry, who led the pay-tv operator’s efforts in on-demand programming, and technology consultants Gabriel Page and John Griffin.

The Company has not said whether they will launch their futuristic water storage concept in Australia after information on the bizarre process was detailed in a recent patent filed by the online retailer.

The patent revealed how it plans to drop stock into lakes or pools by parachute, trucks or conveyor belts.

Goods that aren’t waterproof will be stored in watertight containers that have an air canister.

Each container will be assigned a special “acoustic signal” and when the right tune is played, the canister will inflate a balloon.

That balloon will drag the container to the surface, where it will be fished out and put on a truck ready for delivery.

The Sun newspaper said, ‘It might seem utterly bizarre, but the retail giant has an obvious interest in coming up with innovative ways to effectively store, organize and transfer extremely heavy packages in its massive warehouses’.

A description contained in the patent said, “Because today’s online marketplace offers a wide variety of items to customers including – but not limited to, goods, services, products, media or information – fulfillment centres now include increasingly large and complex facilities with expansive capabilities and high technology accommodations for items and feature storage areas as large as one million square feet or more.”

“Therefore, to prepare and ship an order that includes a large number or different types of items to a customer, a staff member or robot may be required to walk several thousand feet or even miles within a fulfillment centre to retrieve the items. Where a customer submits multiple orders for items, the arduous task of picking, packaging and shipping ordered items must often be repeated for each and every order.”

Amazon said that its current warehouses and fulfillment centres – which will be used to sort packages for its drone deliveries – are “plagued by the inefficient use of space” and that using water effectively could allow it to store more items.

There is one big benefit for Amazon, Australia is surrounded by water.

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