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Amazon Comments Fuel Fire Phone Rumours

Amazon may one day re-enter the smartphone market despite its original Fire Phone failing miserably.

In an interview with The Telegraph Amazon Senior Vice President of Devices and Services said the US-tech monolith may dip its toe back in the mobile waters if it thought it could offer a differentiated product to what’s already on offer.

“We need to keep experimenting and the things we want to experiment with are the ones that are truly differentiated,” Mr Limp said.

“It’s a big market segment and it would be interesting.”

A new Amazon phone could provide yet another home for Alexa.

Amazon released the Fire Phone in 2014, before abandoning it just over a year later following a decidedly lukewarm response and a $170 million loss.

No plans have been confirmed for a new Amazon phone.

Rumours began circulating last year when an Amazon earnings report commented the company wants “customers to be able to use Alexa wherever they are”.

Amazon’s Alexa functionality is now found in more than 60,000 smart home products.


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