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All You Wanted To Know About 5G…At A Price

5G experts in the ICT industry and academia, led by Ericsson, have produced what is claimed to be the first comprehensive book about 5G, the next evolution of cellular mobile communications technology. It is billed as “an important tool for ICT decision makers to get a comprehensive picture of 5G.”

Says Ericsson CTO Ulf Ewaldsson: “With capabilities much greater than today’s networks, opportunities beyond our imagination will appear. With 5G, we will be able to digitalise industries and realise the full potential of the networked society.

“New ecosystems will emerge, including new players. … This book will prove essential for understanding the potential of 5G and the required technology behind it.”

The book, 5G Mobile and Wireless Communication Technology, can be bought from Amazon or Cambridge.org, but weighs in at a hefty 410 pages and costs A$240. It will be available from June 2.

 Australia’s Communications Alliance is holding a seminar on 5G in Sydney on June 15 with video link to Melbourne. It will feature speakers from Ericsson, Nokia and the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association. Details at www.commsalliance.com.au – Stuart Corner

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