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AFP Issues Search Warrant On Tech Support Scheme Scam

An Australian purported business masquerading as an authorised Microsoft partner, is alleged to have been linking victims to offshore scammers.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) said it executed a search warrant at a premises in Wollongong, New South Wales following an investigation under Operation Rayko, which was focused on an Australian business pretending to offer genuine Microsoft tech support to Australian customers.

It alleged the business instead linked Australian victims to offshore scammers who would request remote access to their computers.

“Once the scammers had access to the computer, they would convince their victims to purchase new software to fix genuine computer issues,” AFP said.

“That software was outdated and sold at an inflated price.”

The company in question, AFP said, has a professional website, an Australian 1800 business number, and uses Microsoft logos to give its operations an air of legitimacy.


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