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Four Out Of Five Aussies Will Pay More For EVs

electric vehicle being charged

Most Australians are keen to make the switch to electric vehicles, but site poor government policies as a key barrier to uptake, according to the results of a study by Uber.

The survey of 1000 Australian adults found four in five people believed an increase in the uptake of electric vehicles could make a significant contribution to reducing Australia’s transport emissions.

It also found that 45 percent of Australians are willing to pay more for greener transport options.

While Australians are evidently enthusiastic about making the switch to electric vehicles, 73pc of those surveyed said that significant barriers identified included the perceived cost of ownership as the top barrier to switching to electric vehicles.

Australia has lagged behind other markets in taking up electric vehicles, with just 0.75pc of new cars sold in 2020 being all-electric models. This compares to 10.7pc in the United Kingdom and 8.1pc in California.

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