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ACT QR Codes Tampered With

Someone is meddling with the ACT’s QR code system replacing the official QR codes with ones that relay a message saying “you are complicit in your own surveillance” when users check-in.

The fake QR codes have been placed over some ACT government QR check-ins at Canberra venues.

The fake codes direct people to information that does not correlate with the official health messaging apparently in defiance of public health compliance.

An ACT government spokesperson said if users opened the app to check-in they were not at risk of being sent to an alternative site.

“If it is not legitimate, the check-in does not work, and the user is not taken to another site.”

Illegitimate QR codes have reportedly been used in other jurisdictions to direct the public to anti-vaccination propaganda.

The Check In CBR app has been mandatory in the ACT since July 15.

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