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ACS Row Heads To Court: Call For Top Executives To Resign

An acrimonious and seemingly unending battle for the Australian Computer Society’s structure and control is set to be decided in the Federal Court in Canberra next week.

The two parties in the dispute will meet in the court for a “case management” hearing before Justice Wigney.

The case stems from ACS plans to change its legal structure which will now be reviewed after a Federal Court voided votes favouring the change.

“While we accept that the ACS needs to evolve, we are concerned that over the past 18 months the members are having far less of a say in the future of the association,” says the rebel group, led by Canberra academic and consultant Roger Clark, pictured.

The dispute stems from concern among many senior members of ACS that the organisation is becoming too commercial and that the interests of the members and ACS’s role as a member-based organisation are being given secondary consideration.


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