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10.5 Million Oz Premises Ready To Connect, As Rollout Nears End

NBN Co has declared a 39 percent increase in revenue to $1.8 billion for the six months ended December 31, as it approaches the scheduled end of its network-building mission.
The company says the six months saw more than 667,000 premises declared “ready to connect” to the NBN, taking the total number of premises ready to order an NBN service to 10.5 million.
According to NBN Co, some 67 percent of connected customers are now on wholesale speed tiers of 50 megabits per second and above, up from 56 per cent in the previous six months.
NBN Co CEO Stephen Rue said acceleration of work in metro areas will see the NBN fully rolled out by June 30.  
That is despite the company late last month, under pressure from Telstra, abandoning its recent – and lucrative – drive to make direct deals with enterprise and government customers.
A Telstra spokesman said at the time: “We believe that NBN Co contracting directly with end customers is not consistent with the legislation that governs the industry, and it needs to stop it now.”
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