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ACMA Speeds Up Release Of 5G Spectrum

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has proposed an “accelerated process” for the release of¬†spectrum to be used for 5G.

In a new consultation document, the ACMA has called for comments on the use of spectrum in the 26 GHz millimetre wave band for 5G broadband.

“Australia has a strong track record of timely review of spectrum arrangements in support of innovation in the communications industry,” said acting ACMA Chairman, Richard Bean.

“5G in the millimetre wave bands presents a great opportunity to maintain this record so the Australian community will continue to enjoy the benefits of early uptake of new technology,” Bean said.

The ACMA noted that there was “the very real possibility that 5G broadband could be using these higher frequency bands before the end of the decade”.

The release of 3.6 GHz band spectrum for 5G remains in planning with an auction set to occur as early as next year.

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