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Google Appeal Record $2.9b EU Antitrust Fine

In a legal challenge which could take several years to finalise, Google filed its appeal of the European Union’s record $2.9 billion antitrust fine on Monday.

The EU General Court states Google has not requested the court to suspend an order placed on its search engine to change how it displays shopping-search services before a ruling is settled.

Rulings within this sector of justice have historically taken years to concede. Intel waited eight years for a final ruling on its 2009 fine, only to be informed last week that the EU General Court must re-examine the case.

Any ruling from the EU General Court can be appealed at the highest tribunal, the European Court of Justice.

Reports state Google has already submitted a draft to regulators, informing the changes it will make to its search engine by September 28th, in order to avoid further fines. The changes will include giving equal treatment to rival shopping services. The enforcement of mandated changes was accompanied by a record 2.4 billion euro fine – more than double the $1.06 billion euros fined to Intel.

The expectation is that regulators will also levy fines to Google in separate investigations around Android’s mobile software and the AdSense advertising service, potentially as early as next month. European Union Antitrust Chief, Margrethe Vestager, has reportedly threatened to further probe the company’s travel and map services.

Thus far, Google has declined to comment on the details of the appeal, whilst the EU state “it will defend its decision in court”.

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