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Acer Scores Another Big Chromebook Win After Stripping ACT Account From HP

Days after announcing a 15,000 Chromebook order from the ACT Government, Acer, has scored an additional 3,000 seat education market order from a New Zealand Education Trust.

The ACT order which is was one of the biggest ever for Chromebook in that Territory, is a decision that has not gone down well at Microsoft.

The order which was stripped from the incumbent supplier Hewlett Packard who had a direct relationship with the ACT education department is set to be one of many as education departments realise that Chromebooks deliver a better invest than a Microsoft Surface/Windows 10 offering.

In their latest win Acer Australia and New Zealand said that they are set to deliver 3,000 devices to thee Manaiakalani Education Trust (MET) at 53 schools across 6 regions in New Zealand.

Acer has provided support to MET for the past three years and has shipped in excess of 12,000 Chrome devices.

Over the years, Acer has provided a proven product that has been tested and performed exceptionally well in delivering what students require. The brand also provides backend service and reporting to offer clear visibility and performance measuring to ensure that students and schools are getting the most out of their devices.

“We are extremely proud that we once again have the opportunity to supply Chromebooks to the Manaiakalani Education Trust and contribute to the education of many students,” said Cameron Anderson, Acer New Zealand Country Manager. “Digital education is a vital part of everyday learning today, as it is a prominent factor in the way we operate as a society. In order for today’s youth to develop and grow with the rest of us, we must ensure that we’re enabling them to do so. As a major organisation, we feel that it is our duty to contribute to this cause and ensure that we’re doing our part.”

MET works with over 10,000 children and in excess of 40,000 families across Auckland, Northland, Christchurch and the West Coast. In a day where digital education and the importance of technology in the classroom is more prevalent than ever before, it is important that students and schools from low socio economic and/or remote communities are able to incorporate digital learning into the classroom. MET offers a range of support and development programs to the community, which aims to ensure that they’re able to progress with their use of technology.

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