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LG Responds to Unsafe SmartThinQ claims

LG has teamed up with Check Point Software to improve products for the future. LG is expanding their next generation of smart appliances world-wide. Prioritising safety and security for all customers.

Check Point software will be running an advanced rooting process designed and capable of detecting security issues. This program effective from the 29th of September will be running the updated version of this technology version 1.19.20, without issue.

The LG and check point software teams are committed to their customers and working diligently to improve software securities to better all LG smart home appliances. This diligent work has come after the LG smartThinQ application had various security glitches. Allowing hackers to access different home networks.

The new updated application for all LG smart technology should work and should prevent further security breaches. Here is the whole statement provided by LG.

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