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ACCC Report Reveals Telstra NBN Reach

ACCC Report Reveals Telstra NBN Reach

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) latest quarterly NBN Wholesale Market Indicators Report reveals the extent of Telstra’s NBN reach.

The report shows that for the period ending June 30, Telstra had acquired 548,280 of 1,136,346 wholesale access services supplied by NBN Co.

As explained by the ACCC, these services “can be used by an NBN access seeker to supply a retail service, or alternatively to supply a wholesale service to another NBN access seeker or a retail service provider”.

With a little over a 48 per cent share of services, Telstra grew its share from a touch over 47 per cent in the previous quarter.

TPG had slightly over a 27 per cent share of services, followed by Singtel Optus and Vocus.

The ACCC report shows that total wholesale access services grew from 941,235 in the previous quarter.

The report additionally shows NBN Co had been contracted to supply 1,235 gigabits per second of aggregate network capacity (connectivity virtual circuits), up from 1,004 gigabits per second in the previous quarter.

“The ACCC’s report provides an update on NBN’s current access technologies, including the newer NBN access technologies of FTTB and FTTN,” ACCC chairman Rod Sims commented.

“Future reports will also include data on NBN’s HFC services. Over time, we expect these quarterly reports will provide information on trends related to the take-up of various NBN services and provide an overview of the wholesale market.”

Further information can be found here.

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