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ACCC Releases Quarterly NBN Wholesale Market Report

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has today released its initial quarterly report on the NBN wholesale market, showing Telstra has acquired the most wholesale access services nationally and that TPG has acquired the most higher-speed services.

The ACCC has advised that the reports are designed to “provide a detailed view of the size and structure of emerging NBN wholesale access markets as the NBN becomes more widely available over NBN access technologies”.

The report covers the period up to March 31.

Among the report’s findings are that as at March 31, NBN Co was supplying 941,235 wholesale access services and had contracted to supply 1,004 gigabits per second of aggregate network capacity (connectivity virtual circuits) over the NBN.

NBN access seekers were present at the 121 listed points of interconnection, with 115 having three or more access seekers.

Telstra was acquiring the most NBN wholesale access services nationally, with most of the remaining wholesale access services acquired by TPG, Singtel Optus and M2.

TPG was acquiring the most higher-speed NBN wholesale access services (50 Mbps and higher), which the ACCC stated was followed closely by Telstra and Singtel Optus, while other carriers were also acquiring wholesale access services, however only met the reporting threshold of a 5 percentage point market share in respect of wireless and satellite services.

“This new report will help the continued development of competitive NBN markets that benefit broadband consumers,” ACCC commissioner Cristina Cifuentes commented.

“In particular, providing information on the state of the market will help service providers in the NBN environment make informed planning decisions, so that they are better placed to tailor their services and products to what consumers want.

“The ACCC has been working with NBN to improve the amount and quality of information that it provides to the industry and consumers.”


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