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REVEALED: Optus NBN Biz Plans $59

REVEALED: Optus NBN Biz Plans $59
SMBs (up to 5 employees) can enjoy faster connectivity and new ways of doing business with Optus’ NBN packages, available from today in the first five mainland release sites including Armidale NSW, Townsville Qld And Brunswick Vic.

Optus launched NBN consumer plans in November last year starting at $39 and are one of the first to unveil NBN Business plans, and will introduce 24 month contract plans next month, while rivals Telstra keeping quiet on NBN plans so far.

The packages offering high-speed data, voice and cloud-based email and collaboration tools, and users can opt to scale connection speed up or down customised to requirements and also includes NBN Wi-Fi modem.

Plans are effective from today.

The “great value” NBN packages start from $59 per month for 100GB data (standard speed) and go up to $119 for 1000GB, while broadband/phone bundles start from $99 with 120GB data and unlimited national/Optus mobile calls, and high end deals with 1000GB costs $129.

The new NBN broadband deals appear generous particularly on data, when compared to Optus’ standard plans, which starts at $49 pm with 10GB, while its new bundles are less generous – when compared to the equivalent ‘Yes Fusion’ plan (phone/internet) costing $99 with 500 GB.

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All of the above speeds are NBN (second tier) standard speeds – 25 megabytes per second downloads and 5 megabytes per second uploads (compared to “up to” 20 Mbps on ADSL 2 +) and the bundles on a 12 or 24 month contract, plan dependent.

All of Optus new NBN packages comes with a single user license for cloud-based Optus OfficeApps, Email and Collaboration suite, webSMS, and a new business domain name.

OfficeApps provides access to Google Applications for Business, including email, calendar and documents, and the ability to send personalised bulk SMS via the web so small businesses can make the most of high speed broadband.

“The NBN opens the door for small businesses to take advantage of high speed broadband to do business in new ways, and make use of the latest digital tools to be more efficient and competitive,” Rohan Ganeson, Managing Director for Optus SMB said.

There’s huge opportunity to go digital with almost half of SMBs lacking a website and only 4%are using cloud based solutions such as web-hosted email2, he added.

All NBN packages are supported by Optus’ dedicated SMB customer care, local retail network, and on-the-ground NBN installation teams.

This is the first of many NBN packages the telco looks set offer with the NBN and will have deals for larger business soon, says Ganeson.

Next month, Optus will also expand its range of consumer broadband and home phone bundles and introduce 24 month contract plans.