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Amazon: Hello OZ, We’re On Cloud

Amazon: Hello OZ, We’re On Cloud
Amazon: Hello OZ, We
Amazon cloud service, CloudFront, a pay-as-you-go for content and web delivery is now locally available to OZ players, with the establishment of a Sydney location. 

“We’ve just added an edge location in Sydney, Australia (number 33, to be precise) to Amazon CloudFront and Amazon Route 53,” Amazon announced on a Web Services blog, dated June 20.

The move was based on customer requests and a recent survey, the US e-tailer said.

“We believe that this location will prove to be of great benefit to our customers, providing them with increased performance and reduced latency.”

“CloudFront’s pricing model will provide Australian companies and global companies with a very cost-effective alternative to traditional content delivery solutions.”

This new location will speed up the delivery of static, streaming and content to end users in Australia, and accelerate the resolution of local issues.

The CloudFront location in Sydney supports the entire array of CloudFront features including support for dynamic content, low minimum content expiration periods, live streaming to multiple devices using FMS 4.5 or smooth streaming, streaming media, private content, invalidation, and custom origins.