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Rebadged Turtle Beach Headsets Crawl Into Call Of Duty

The multiplatform headsets are exclusively licensed with Activision as limited edition Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 tie-in devices and are set for release in early October, a month ahead of the MW3 game release.

The range tops off with the wireless 7.1 Surround-enabled Ear Force DELTA headset – basically a rebadged PX5 with a higher price tag. This customisable headset also has a few MW3-specific presets and voice prompts on top of the defaults.

While JB Hi Fi and EB Games list the PX5 for $298, the upcoming Ear Force DELTA headset is set at an upped RRP of $329.95.

We tested this group leader earlier in the year and can testify to the stunning audio performance and clarity of the 7.1 surround system, even if the price is somewhat hefty.

Running down the list, there’s also the wireless Ear Force BRAVO universal headset, with programmable audio and functions. The customisable options and MW3-specific additives are the same as the level up model, while the price tag sits lower at $199.95.

The Ear Force CHARLIE comes in next with 5.1 surround sound delivered over eight individual speakers. This wired option comes in at $139.95.

For the same price, the Ear Force FOXTROT provides stereo output across the consoles and PC over wired connection.

The headsets will be distributed in Australia by QV Software.