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Philips Invents Sexy iPhone Killer

Philips Invents Sexy iPhone Killer

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Reportedly called the Xenium X800, the sexy-looking handset sports a large touchscreen, possibly measuring 3in or larger, and has been designed with rounded edges so as to give it a ” soft” look.

Although few specifications are available, the Chinese-language website CCID claims the X800 supports Wi-Fi connections and the US protocol, Edge.

The handset apparently features a built-in accelerometer for quickly flipping the screen’s display between horizontal and vertical positions.  It also features a web browser, camera and multimedia player.

Philips has already created several handsets under the Xenium badge, with the [email protected] able to run on either a lithium-ion battery pack or even a AAA battery, which is unlikely to be the case with the X800.

Since Philips hasn’t officially announced the X800, more information is hard to come by, but some are saying that if Philips does release this model, along with the HTC Diamond and several other offering from both Nokia and LG, it may well be game on for Apple and its iPhone.