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New BenQ Smart Signage Designed For Customer Engagement

New BenQ Smart Signage Designed For Customer EngagementSporting a slim bezel design, the ST550K features 4K2K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution, and is equipped with X-Sign content creation and management software, along with Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) software.

The X-Sign signage app is designed to help businesses customise, edit, manage and play digital content, featuring instant plug-and-play with a built-in content player app, along with over 30 custom templates for content creation and editing, while the MDA software helps users control and manage multiple ST550Ks simultaneously through a local network.

A custom Android operating system provides for USB playback, MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) connectivity, as well as wireless display via BenQ’s QCast app, and comes with apps including WPS Office, Web Browser and Media Player.

“Today’s world is driven by consumers’ needs for dynamic interaction and engagement,” commented Peter Huang, BenQ Technology Product Centre general manager. “For brands, including ourselves, building an audience-of-one customer experience has become more important than ever.

“The ST550K smart signage is designed and built to help particularly small businesses to deploy their in-store customer engagement strategy in the simplest and smartest ways, and as a result improve in-store experiences and create new business opportunities. See it as a one-stop solution to all the digital technology integration hassles.”

The ST550K will be available in Australia from May.