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Telstra Enters Broadcasting Tech Deal With Racing Victoria

Telstra Enters Broadcasting Tech Deal With Racing VictoriaUnder the deal, Racing Victoria will adopt the newly launched Telstra Digital Video Network, to be installed from 2016.

Telstra states the network will provide the future capability to deliver multiple broadcast feeds from Victoria’s 24 premier racecourses, build camera angles available to fans, and incorporate new and innovative data into broadcast streams.

The deal will also see Racing Victoria use services from Telstra-owned video analytics firm Ooyala, production services from Telstra-owned Chief Entertainment, and satellite delivery services from third-party broadcast services provider, Globecast.

The real-time capabilities of Racing Victoria’s integrity control room at its Flemington head offices will be expanded, with live video conferencing between stewards, photo finish feeds and the integration of Hawk-Eye and associated video technology among the services that can be further developed.

“The Telstra Digital Video Network opens a world of possibilities in the future broadcasting of Victorian racing,” commented Racing Victoria chief executive Bernard Saundry. “The ability for fans to have the choice of multiple camera angles and for broadcasters to enhance live vision with data overlays, such as that provided by Trakus, can become a reality with this new technology. 

“Thanks to the Telstra network, fans of Victorian racing will see improved speed of replays available from Racing.com and our broadcast partners, and Telstra fixed internet customers will enjoy unmetered coverage when viewing Victorian racing online at Racing.com.”