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20th Anniversary LP Record Doctor Cleaner

Record Doctor machines in the USA is celebrating its 20th anniversary with the release of its Record Doctor VI, the follow up to one of the most popular vacuum record cleaning machines in Australia for $485.

The Record Doctor VI vacuum record cleaning machine is available now for $485, with an included 125mL bottle of RxLP cleaning fluid from Decibel Hi-Fi.

Additional bottles of RxLP concentrate will cost $44 for 3.8 litres of fluid.

The completely manual record cleaner includes a protective cleaning strip with precision bearings so the LP can spin freely whilst being cleaned.

Using the RxLP concentrate fluid to clean, any excess liquid is stored in the ‘easy drain’ storage tank.

Record Doctor adds a stain-resistant aluminium top, a larger turning knob, and a new deep cleaning brush to the RDVI.

The Record Doctor VI is reportedly much quieter and ‘cooler’ than the previous model according to Brian Maddern, which sold over 400 times from Decibel Hi-Fi.

When speaking to the Australian Hi-Fi Magazine, he said he expects the new Record Doctor VI to be ‘Australia’s best selling vacuum-powered vinyl record cleaning machine’, receiving the baton from the RDV.

Mr Maddern positions the ‘cheap, but not at all nasty’ Record Doctor VI as suitable for those with ‘modest requirements’, e.g. batches of 10 records at a time.

The Record Doctor VI is an affordable alternative to the recently previewed Pro-Ject Audio record cleaners available from audio distributor Interdyn which promises to clean records in just two rotations.

While $485 is not a cheap investment, for the passionate audiophile, the Record Doctor VI is well-positioned to compete against the automatic record cleaner from Pro-Ject which starts at $749 for the VC-E and $899 for the VC-S2.

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