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The Federal Government has commenced its plans to sell off the spectrum in the 26 GHz band to support the next stage of 5G coverage in Australia, with an auction slated for early 2021.

Due to be auctioned by ACMA in early 2021, the move follows the successful sale of the first Australian 5G spectrum by the federal government in December 2019.

The 5G spectrum will be used to support a number of future use cases from 4K video streaming, regional teleworking and the implementation of autonomous road vehicles.

Communications Minister Paul Fletcher announced the spectrum would be allocated ‘to support a number of important communications policy objectives’.

The report outlines the 26 GHz band as being the first globally identified spectrum capable of support 5G wireless broadband services.

As part of the move, the Radiocommunications (Spectrum Re-allocation—26 GHz Band) Declaration 2019 will allow ACMA to re-allocate spectrums across 29 Australian cities and regional centres to accommodate the 5G network.

“The re-allocation of this spectrum promises benefits to business, consumers, and the broader Australian community and economy, in the form of service improvements, greater connectivity and productivity gains.”

The ACCC has also been involved, with Minister Fletcher writing to seek advice on allocation limits for the auction process.

As more details are revealed regarding the 5G network spectrum auction, we will see Australian telcos scramble to acquire as much of the bandwidth as possible.

Paul Fletcher

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