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Pro-Ject Promise Two Second Record Clean

Audio distributor Interdyn has announced the release of two new Pro-Ject Audio record cleaners to the Australian market, that clean your vinyl and shellac records in just two rotations.

The Pro-Ject VC-E and VC-S2 will be made available on 14 December retailing for $749 and $899 respectively from Interdyn.

A follow up to the popularity of the original, the VC-S2 is Pro-Ject’s flagship premium record cleaning machine that promises to clean records in just two seconds.

Both models can achieve a dry, clean record in just two rotations, spinning at 30 RPM, with the first rotation in one direction, followed by a reverse clean.

The Pro-Ject record cleaners spin the record ‘superfast’ within 2 seconds per rotation, which is three times faster than a comparable cleaning machine.

Boasting a 2.5L tank reservoir, filled with Wash-IT solution ‘vacuumed’ fluid used to expertly clean your vinyl collection, with any used fluid returning to the spill-proof reservoir.

The aluminium clamp ensures a tight seal during cleaning, avoiding damage to vinyl or shellac records, with special consideration given to the preservation of the centre record label.

Mechanically stable, the robust metal arm focuses its suction power directly onto the entire surface of the record, helping to avoid cracks or warping.

Thanks to the increased size of the VC-S2 operational noise is significantly reduced when compared to the VC-E.

Its aluminium enclosure ensures your VC-S2 is not only a ‘long-lasting investment’ but also exemplifies ‘high-end build quality’.

Fortunately, the ‘high-end build quality’ extends to the VC-E, which sports a 500ml tank reservoir, and an aluminium composite enclosure.

However, unlike its bigger brother, the VC-E does not come with an aluminium clamp, instead of settling for a plastic version, though with the same damage-free guarantee.


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