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Ziggy Hails NBN Result

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SYDNEY: After seven years sitting at the helm of Australia’s most massive infrastructure project, NBN Co chair Ziggy Switkowski, pictured, has congratulated himself for finally bringing the NBN broadband network to near completion.  

Switkowski said nearly 12 million premises across the country can now connect to the NBN, which has enabled unprecedented collaboration and productivity.

“This is already a much-studied project around the world, because of the scale of what we’ve tried to do – which is to provide affordable ubiquitous access to high speed internet for every Australian, no matter where they work or live. It was a very ambitious goal and it has been delivered,” Switkowski told the Weekend Australian.

“It’s kind of heroic, and although people will draw attention to the shortcomings of what we’ve done, we should not lose sight as to the magnitude of what has actually been delivered. This is something that will stand as a bit of a benchmark for a very long time.”

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